This DIP suggests implementing EIP-1559-like mechanism within the Darwinia Network to transform its fee structure.

Under this proposal, all transaction fees would be burned, while tips would be awarded directly to block authors. This aligns with our future inflation strategy, motivates collators, and paves the way for practical applications of RING. The result is a more predictable, sustainable, and user-centric ecosystem.

Before Darwinia adopts the new inflation model, this DIP will make minor adjustments to the inflation mechanism to prevent the reissuance of burned assets.



  1. By adopting EIP-1559, which replaces the gas auction system with a base fee plus a priority fee, users will benefit from more predictable transaction costs while also reducing network congestion during peak times. This improvement serves both individual users and the network overall.

Future Objectives

  1. To align with our upcoming inflation model, the burning mechanism of EIP-1559 for part of the transaction fees is consistent with Darwinia’s strategy to revamp its inflation system. This approach aims to maintain long-term token value stability and promote sustainable development of the network.

  2. To better balance responsibilities and rewards within the relay chain-parachain structure, where collators play a more indirect role in security, it’s logical to adjust block production incentives to reflect their updated contribution to consensus maintenance and network protection.

  3. To enhance utility for RING, introducing tangible use cases is essential. Doing so encourages wider token engagement within network activities and increases their practical value.


  • https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-1559

  • https://darwinia.network/Genepaper_v3.pdf


Transaction Fee Adjustment

Integrate this within DealWithFees and pass the struct to pallet-transaction to enable the updated transaction fee model.

impl pallet_transaction_payment::Config for Runtime {
	type OnChargeTransaction =
		pallet_transaction_payment::CurrencyAdapter<Balances, DealWithFees<Runtime>>;

/// EIP-1559 like configuration.
/// Burn the base fee and allocate the tips to the block producer.
pub struct DealWithFees<R>(core::marker::PhantomData<R>);
impl<R> frame_support::traits::OnUnbalanced<pallet_balances::NegativeImbalance<R>>
	for DealWithFees<R>
	R: pallet_authorship::Config + pallet_balances::Config,
	fn on_unbalanceds<B>(
		mut fees_then_tips: impl Iterator<Item = pallet_balances::NegativeImbalance<R>>,
	) {
		// substrate
		use frame_support::traits::Currency;

		if fees_then_tips.next().is_some() {
			if let Some(tips) = fees_then_tips.next() {
				if let Some(author) = <pallet_authorship::Pallet<R>>::author() {
					// Tip the block producer here.
					<pallet_balances::Pallet<R>>::resolve_creating(&author, tips);

				// Burn the tips here. (IMPOSSIBLE CASE)

		// Burn the base fee here.

Inflation Adjustment (Darwinia Only)

First, create the issuance map for Darwinia as outlined in the Darwinia Gene Paper.

// Generate the issuing map.
// Formula:
// ```
// unissued * (1 - (99 / 100) ^ sqrt(years));
// ```
// Use `I95F33` here, because `2^94 > TOTAL_SUPPLY * 10^18`.
fn issuing_map() -> Vec<Balance> {
	let ninety_nine = I95F33::from_num(99_u8) / 100_i128;
	let max = 10_000_000_000_u128;
	let mut supply = 2_000_000_000_u128;

		.map(|years| {
			let sqrt = transcendental::sqrt::<I95F33, I95F33>(years.into()).unwrap();
			let pow = transcendental::pow::<I95F33, I95F33>(ninety_nine, sqrt).unwrap();
			let ratio = I95F33::from_num(1_u8) - pow;
			let unissued = max - supply;
			let to_issue =
				(I95F33::checked_from_num(unissued).unwrap() * ratio).floor().to_num::<Balance>();

			supply += to_issue;

			to_issue * UNIT

Calculate the session issuance amount based on the previously calculated map.

/// Calculate the issuing of a period.
/// Use `U94F34` here, because `2^94 > TOTAL_SUPPLY * 10^18`.
pub fn issuing_in_period(period: Moment, elapsed: Moment) -> Option<Balance> {
	let years = (elapsed / MILLISECS_PER_YEAR) as usize;
	let to_issue = ISSUING_MAP[years];
	let to_issue_per_millisecs = U94F34::checked_from_num(to_issue)? / MILLISECS_PER_YEAR;